Our Core Values

      Our core principles are Limited Government, Fiscal ResponsibilityFree Markets and Civic Responsibility.  We believe good government, that is a government that respects the rights of the people, and the limitations of the Constitution, has these core values as its foundation.

      Limited Government is necessary if personal liberties are to be protected.  Since the beginning of the last century, our Federal Government has continued to expand, forcing its influence into areas that our father’s, never mind our Founding Fathers, never imagined. 

     The Constitution gave the government very limited authority, thus preserving the larger share of power for the people, and their local agents, the states.  As the power of the Federal Government grew, a transfer of authority took place from the people to the government.  Thus, as we consent to give the government more authority, we are surrendering our own political power to it. 

     Healthcare is the most recent example of how our government is capable of moving against the will of the people.  We still don’t fully understand the impact this huge, largely-undisclosed (“We have to pass it to see what’s in it…”) law will have on our liberties.

     Fiscal Responsibility seems to have been absent from the minds of the last few generations of politicians as they ballooned our Federal deficit, and our debt, to levels that are now incomprehensible, and un-payable.  We have burdened our youth, those who are not even old enough to vote yet, with the responsibility of paying for all this spending.  If it continues it will only drive the value of the U.S. dollar down further.  As that happens, we each lose more and more value in our own accounts and portfolios.  This deficit spending must stop if our country is to thrive again as a world economic power.  

     Additionally,government regulation and intervention has strangled our economy and created our present economic recession.  Free Markets must be allowed to rule the economy with only a modicum of common sense restraints.  Higher taxes and binding regulations only cause businesses to withdraw from economic activity.  Instead of expansion and hiring, business remain static, as they try to preserve their capital in uncertain times, and wait for a more secure, economic environment.\

     Finally, Civic Responsibility is required to ensure that the first three principles are being upheld by our elected officials.  Civic Responsibility is defined as the “responsibility of a citizen” (Dictionary.com).  It is comprised of actions and attitudes associated with democratic governance and social participation.  In other words, if we want “Government for the People, by the people,” then it is our duty to be involved in that government.  If we don’t exercise our right to hold government accountable, we will find that right can no longer be used.  we are dangerously close to that point now.  We must all stay involved, and stay vigilant!

     In our present government, there are very few elected officials who follow or understand any of these principles.  The party in power’s actions are tantamount to an attack on our Constitution, and our constitutionally protected freedoms.  Their deeds seek to diminish the power of “We the People,” and have further fiscally chained us by quickening the erosion of our economy. 

      For these reasons, we stand together and shout, “Enough!”  We, the employers of the political class, demand that our government stop spending, stop taxing, and stop shackling our citizens and our businesses.